Dear Elvis,

I love a big breakfast. And having my first cup of coffee in bed while catching up on things. Comforts are my comfort. Clean spaces and soft lights. Folded clothes and evening cups of tea. Lunch time walks.

Tonight I finished only one of a few audio books I have listened to: Jan Arden’s If I Knew Then. She has a beautiful reading voice- no surprise, I guess. Her singing voice is true and strong. I’m not sure who you might compare her to (possibly Emmy Lou Harris), but she has such strength, creativity, and honesty. I would recommend you listen to Good Mother – just sayin’.

Listening to a book being read by its author is a great privilege, and a new luxury for me. Arden speaks a fair bit of her father- a girl’s nemesis- I guess. Theirs was an awkward and strained relationship, but perhaps most poignant for me was her revelation that she never really knew him, something of which I can relate, as can your Lisa, no doubt.

Comforts are the best, the very best.

See you in the morning at the lake,


xo xo

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