My Elvis 💚

A short piece shared by my beautiful daughter. I love her voice, don’t you?

My mother, as you all know, talks a lot about Elvis and how much she loves him. I have a similar feeling for a man named Seán William McLoughlin, otherwise known as Jacksepticeye. He’s a youtuber I started watching soon after my father passed away and since then he’s been a comfort and an inspiration to me. 

When trying to explain to my mother why I love watching his videos so much, I thought to compare him to Elvis. My mother always talks about the feeling she gets when Elvis says “you’re a wonderful audience” and the like, so I said I feel the same way when Seán says “you da snacc” or talks about spreading positive mental attitude – or as he calls it, PMA.

In many ways, Seán’s videos also encouraged me to follow my dreams. There was a video where he talked about how important it is to get your work out there, even if no one notices, and after watching that video I created my Wattpad account (SammyR1978) and started uploading my fanfictions and original writing pieces. I feel that I owe that small success to Seán.

Another aspect of Seán’s personality that I love is the fact that he reminds me a bit of my father – expressive, kind, loyal, passionate, having a good sense of humour, etc. I think that watching his videos after my father passed away helped me deal with my grief, and it still helps me manage my anxiety and sadness from time to time. 

I’m glad to be a Jacksepticeye fan and it would be great if Seán could see this, but if not, I’m glad whoever is reading this got to hear it. Thank you for taking the time to listen. 💚

Jacksepticeye and his girlfriend, Evelyn

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